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Reduce toner consumption with SaveToner

SaveToner allows toner usage to be reduced on a sliding scale, with little impact on the quality of printouts up to a certain level. 

EPaper Ltd developed the SaveToner smart algorithm. The algorithm is applied to print files when they are sent to the print processor, so the performance of printers and PC’s alike is unaffected during this process. The level by which the toner is reduced is set as a percentage reduction of the total toner by page and can be set very precisely to anywhere from 5% to 90%. Save Toner supports PCL5 and PCL XL (PCL6). 

SaveToner optimises both text and graphics in the documents, leaving bitmaps intact.





How to reduce toner consumption throughout the whole organization?

For example (see sample photo on the left), pages printed from the internet could automatically have 30% toner reduction applied, whilst pages printed by payroll software could always have 0% toner reduction applied. This ensures that toner is always saved when it can be, making toner usage as efficient as possible across the organization. Toner optimization and reduction of toner consumption can considerably reduce printing costs and printers maintenance.

SaveToner can generally be set to reduce toner usage up to about 30% on typical office documents before any noticeable quality reduction in printouts becomes evident to the average user. This will allow the frequency of toner changes to be reduced, and for agreements which designate a cost per page, this cost could potentially be negotiated down in cases where SaveToner is applied.

To properly see the results of the SaveToner algorithm, a microscope is required. The images below illustrate different levels of SaveToner applied to a typical document, followed by microscopic close-ups of each. The close-up images were obtained by focusing on the large letter “L” near the top right of the example page.


Download SaveToner


SaveToner is available for free download as 30 days full featured trial.

SaveToner can be used with any laser printer or MFP (multifunction printer), of any model and printer manufacturer, considerably prolonging the use of printer cartridge and keeping the quality of printing at the same level.

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